Who are we ?

EcoSense Cambodia is composed of a group of individuals with a shared passion for nature and the beautiful country of Cambodia. This passion is reflected in our commitment to protecting the environment, and a desire to both promote and support positive ecological change in the world today.

The concept of EcoSense Cambodia was created during a recent trip to the country. From the very first day, we could see clearly how towns and rivers were congested with huge amounts of waste, in particular plastic bags and polystyrene packaging. Besides the incredibly damaging effect on the ecosystem, this deluge of waste was directly contributing to the obstruction of sewer systems, causing regular blockages and inner-city flooding in Phnom Penh.
We realised that a significant portion of this plastic and Styrofoam waste came from food packaging used in the catering sector – fast food, takeaway and traditional restaurant businesses.

The results of a survey conducted in the restaurant industry in Phnom Penh showed us that taking the initiative to make a change in this direction was welcome. These results reinforced our belief in our project and its ethos – that of helping restaurant businesses to significantly reduce their environmental impact and to convey a new image of their business to customers.

With the strength of our commitment for Cambodia and its people, we aim, through the EcoSense Cambodia project, to provide a high quality biodegradable and compostable packaging alternative tailored to local needs and designed for professionals in the takeaway food industry.

However, the EcoSense Cambodia project is not limited to this single initiative. With the support of our partners and voluntary organisations, we want to develop environmental awareness amongst the population of Cambodia and coordinate further preventative measures. The organisation of regular rubbish-picking sessions is one example. Our goal is to gradually make the population become aware of the ecological issues around them and the importance of preserving the environment and in doing so, to participate in positive ecological change in Cambodia.