In essence, the commercial activity of the Ecosense project is designed to provide an environmentally friendly response to a major ecological problem, by offering restaurant businesses biodegradable packaging as an alternative to styrofoam food boxes.

The project also plays a preventive role. Each biodegradable food box will be accompanied by a pamphlet, informing the consumer about the product as well as that particular restaurant’s commitment to protecting the environment.


Along with this approach, we also wish to broaden our concept by improving the appearance and condition of the land around us. We aim to do this by organising waste collecting sessions, inviting volunteers to help us tackle directly the unsightly rubbish problem present in Phnom Penh.

These initiatives will be organised with the support of Ecosense partners, in areas previously targeted in Phnom Penh or on the banks of the Black River. There will be regular sessions, happening once or twice a month. A meeting place will be arranged and a group of volunteers will work together to help clear accumulated rubbish and waste found there.

For each waste collecting session, we will invite one of our partner restaurants to promote or sponsor the event. This commitment on their part will help spread the word through many professional and general public circles.


In addition to this, we will be opening up discussion with the local population about how their individual actions affect the environment, and the importance of working together to find solutions. We wish to encourage reflection and thought on how a healthier and better organised waste collection could benefit not only the environment, but also the health and safety of all the inhabitants of Phnom Penh.

We believe that these initiatives, involving individuals and professionals from diverse backgrounds, will create essential social links and encourage the development of collective environmental consciousness.



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