Bagasse is the fibrous residue from sugar cane, a natural material and non-wood fibers. Manufacture of tableware from bagasse is a great alternative to plastic and polystyrene products as bagasse is not hazardous to health and is biodegradable in 45 days. Another advantage of this material is its resistance to extreme temperatures, as it can be frozen and used as a container for boiling food. Containing no metal, a bagasse product can be used in a microwave oven. Bagasse food packaging are compostable and the use of such a product has a positive impact on health and the environment.


The advanced production process ensures that the only by-product used is the water vapor. No harsh chemicals are used during production, which certifies that all products meet the highest level of quality and hygiene.


100% Non-toxic contamination
100% Biodegradable in 45 days
100% Microwavable
100% Non-wood fibre
100% Resistant to temperature from -40°C to +250°C